Design guidelines (Formiga P110)

Even if the selective laser sintering is suitable for almost all constructions, there are nevertheless some points which have to be taken into account. If there are questions or uncertainties, or if it is not possible to design your component part according to the manufacturing rules stated below, then do please contact us by email.

Available space measurement

190 x 240 x 300mm (x,y,z)

Component parts tolerances for PA2200, PA3200GF and Alumide

< 100mm ±0.3mm
≥ 100mm ±0.3%

Minimum wall thickness

x,y 0.4mm
z 0.3mm

Minimum size of gaps

Spalt fertigungsregeln
Wall thickness (a)   
< 2mm
2 - 5mm
Gap width (b)

Minimum diameter of holes 

Loch fertigungsregeln
Wall thickness (a)   
0.3 - 0.6 mm
Hole diameter (b)


The minimum gap is 0.3mm in radius. As for massively made joints the minimum gap can be up to, or over 1mm.


Smallest recommended size of characters 12pt (height 2.8mm) and 0.5mm.

General conditions of manufacturing

  • Minimum radius for angles and edges 0.3mm (sharp edges in the xy-plane are possible in particular cases).
  • Very massive component parts can lead to lumps within the part (by brought in energy quantity).
  • Powder removal has to be possible => enclosed hollow spaces; thin, bent and long tubes or narrow nozzles below 1.5mm are to be avoided.
  • In order to assemble component parts later, a minimum size difference of 0.3mm is required on the contact areas.
  • SLS component parts are neither 100% gas- nor waterproof. But it is enough for most requirements. For special applications there is the option to infiltrate.
  • If your part touches the edge of these guidelines it is recommended to pre produce the affectet sector for testing.