You have a component part, a sample and no electronic data and need a duplicate or duplicates of it?

We can help you. By means of a 3D laser scanner or computer tomograph the component part/sample can be precisely recorded and the required data file can be produced with an efficient reconstruction software. After the reconstruction the component part can optionally be adapted or modified, entirely according to your requirements. With the produced data file your sample can be sintered in any quantity.

New construction

You have an idea but no possibility to realize it by building a 3D model? We have the solution. Thanks to our competence in SLS specific constructions we are exactly the right partner for you. Please contact us

Further possibilities

By our partner, sintered parts can be tactilely or optically measured and/or calibrated, and our partner can also provide a graphic variance analysis of the master file. The possibilities are manifold, please ask us, we will be pleased to advice you.

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